Nutrition + Wellness

A Tree of Life is committed to children’s health. We serve healthy meals and snacks that consist mainly of whole-foods and fresh produce. Modeling after family style eating we use child size seating and utensils we support children to try new foods and serve as role models for healthy eating. We participate in seasonal gardening activities and education, provide nutrition education weekly with food preparation, cooking, and baking, provide 60 minutes of structured and unstructured physical activity daily such as; outdoor free play, dancing, yoga and ribbon play.

We commit to:

· Serving Organic 1% milk for children over the age of 24 months/Organic Vitamin D milk is served for children 12-24 months


·    Having water is available for children throughout the day.

·    Serving a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and leafy greens.

·  Serving cereal with less than 6 grams of sugar.

·   Serving dry beans, peas, or lentils weekly.

·    Serving whole grains.

·    No pre-fried or fried foods.

·    No processed meat.

·    Vegetarian items served.

*The above stated is in alignment with the CACFP and 2010 dietary guidelines and with the Anthroposophical view of nutrition that places a premium on grains. Grains should be the staple food for at least the first two years. Different properties are attributed to different grains and grains should be selected and fed to infants and children based on their specific temperament needs. Wheat is often seen as a harmonizer of the organ systems, rice is seen as acting on the digestive system, barley is seen as strengthening to the connective ligaments due to a high silica content and also seen to be soothing to the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, millet is seen to have warming properties, rye nourishes the head and bones, oats loosens stiffness and increases stamina and resistance to disease, and corn stimulates the metabolism in muscles. It is advisable to eat one grain per day cycling through a seven-day week and not to mix them together. The ever popular “multigrain” products are not beneficial to infants and children in this view. (Rudolph Steiner)