Our Mission:

Love. Learn. Grow.

We specialize in emergent whole-child curriculum & nature-based STEM exploration.

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Our Philosophy

A Tree of Life Nature Playschool has been designed to inspire learning through active exploration and play. I believe in nurturing children with a whole-child approach to provide room for growth and skill-building in all developmental areas.


Nutrition + Wellness

A Tree of Life is committed to children’s health. We serve healthy meals and snacks that consist mainly of whole-foods and fresh produce. Modeling after family style eating we use child size seating and utensils we support children to try new foods and serve as role models for healthy eating. We participate in seasonal gardening activities and education as well as provide nutrition education weekly with food preparation, cooking, and baking. We provide 60 minutes of structured and unstructured physical activity daily such as: outdoor free play, dancing, yoga and ribbon play.